Sunday, January 25, 2009

How to Change Eye Colors

Here is a tutorial on how to change color of eyes. If you got usual black eyes, go and do some photoshop stuff and you can get those beautiful Aishwarya Rai's blue eyes.
This is a very simple tutorial, and a must try as well.

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Apart from this, if you are not able to view video, there is a description given below , on how you should go about it.
Here it goes

Step 1) Open up the image in Photoshop on its own canvas. Make sure you save the image so in case you want to start over or do not like what you end up with, you can always have the original to refer back to. No matter what you do in Photoshop, always save the original!

Step 2) Choose a rounded "fuzzy" brush from the drop down brush menu. Make sure that the brush is the appropriate size when it comes to working on the eye.

Step 3) I usually like to dodge the eye first to brighten it up. So choose the dodge tool on the vertical menu bar. Select the range 'Midtones' and the Exposure should be about 20%. The Exposure depends on how bright you want it. Just go around the iris (the colored part) of the eye.

Step 4) Now added the color. You can choose basically any color you want. Choose brown, green, or blue to make it more natural. But you can always make it more unique and funky by trying green, purple, or red (the color possibilities are endless in Photoshop!).

Step 5) Choose the color on the sliding color selector. For the color, choose Mode: Soft Light, Flow: 30%, and Opacity: 30%. This will provide softer colored tones instead of just heavy painting over the eye.

Step 6) Just like you did with the dodge tool, just go over the iris of the eye like before.

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